The Boardwalk Empire of Madridejos

It wasn’t the perfect day to roam in  the town of Bantayan to say the least.  The gloomy sky covers up the entire horizon. Unprecedented rains and strong winds accompanied us in the entire trip. This anniversary trip was supposed to be a vacation – spoiling ourselves in the laid back Sugar Beach of Santa Fe and holding a bottle of San Mig light.  It turns out it’s just a fantasy. 

Eventually we found ourselves in a beach with a storm brewing up in Bantayan.  I was the smart ass who decided to go to a beach in the end of September weekend – which happens to be a Typhoon season here in the Philippines. We tried to swim but we can’t seem to enjoy the beach filled with dried leaves and strong waves. 
The non-stop rain keep us indoors most of the time. Not to be bored in the four corners of our room we stumbled into a  manong who offered us a trip around Bantayan. I declined but he was annoyingly persistent. I eventually agreed in the end due to the fact that we also need to go the town for money in the town’s lone ATM machine.  It seems like we were the only tourist in the entire town. After getting money we went straight to Madridejos, one of the few spots we visited in Bantayan.
Lawisanon Cafe
It was a little over an hour from the main town of Bantayan from what I remember. A time enough to grab some short z’s while dwindling  in the slow passage of our tricycle. As we step out of the trike, we saw the bridge that our guide has been raving about awhile ago. I suddenly found an eagerness to go closer to the beach. 
According to the marker, this 187-meters footbridge was completed in 40days and 40 nights in March 12,2005. This so called attraction is worth 1M pesos – I’m not really sure what’s really the purpose of this structure though.   
Not to waste our efforts going here, we walked among the locals. Most of the kids were game to pose for pictures and there are some who were a bit shy. It appears that the dark clouds continue to gather up in the sea. We round up our short Madridejos tramp in a ruined fort before going back to our resort.